Fumigation Market – Techniques Of Pest Control Anticipated To Drives Market By 2025

Fumigation is a practice of pest control, wherein pests are killed by suffocating them with the help of poisonous gas. The space to be fumigated is first sealed to ensure that there are less chances for the exchange of air which could reduce the effect of the chemicals used. Fumigation can be carried out in in buildings, agricultural lands, warehouses for storage of grains, etc. Fumigants are capable of diffusing effectively due to their gaseous nature even in structures with small gap or aperture, thus enabling better elimination of pests. The fumigation market is expected to expand gradually in the near future due to the increase in the scope of application.

Volatile gases or other chemicals which release gases are being used for the process of fumigation. Fumigants are toxic; hence, they can be used to control pests at every stage of their life form. This makes it more economical and feasible. Through fumigation, chemicals can reach into small nicks where sprays, aerosols, dusts, etc. cannot reach. Fumigation is an ideal option for eliminating pests for a longer duration.

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Fumigation Market: Trends

Some of the chemicals used as active ingredients in fumigants are chloropicrin, methyl bromide, aluminum phosphide, and magnesium phosphide. Fumigation is carried out in residential complexes, commercial buildings, and warehouses used to store grains, etc.

The practice of fumigation has increased substantially of late. Changes in lifestyle and increase in awareness about the need for pest control are key factors driving the global fumigation market. Fumigants are also used in warehouses involving the storage of grains. However, their usage is restricted for maintaining the quality of certain food materials due to the considerable level of toxicity associated with the use of certain fumigants.

Fumigation works well with wooden structures; hence, it is used widely for the practice of pest control in commercial buildings.

Rise in awareness about the benefits of fumigation over other techniques of pest control is anticipated to drive the market in the next few years.

Fumigants are available in liquid, solid, as well as gaseous forms. Solid forms are available as powders, pellets, etc. These are converted into gaseous state on being subjected to air or water. Chemicals available in the liquid form evaporate and function as effective fumigants. Fumigants available in gaseous form can be sprayed easily onto the target. Currently, the solid form is widely used among different forms of fumigants. However, the use of gaseous form of fumigants is estimated to increase in the near future.

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Fumigation Market: Region-wise Outlook

Asia Pacific held significant share of the fumigation market in 2016. Demand for fumigation was high in economies such as India and China primarily due to the change in lifestyle of the local population. Agriculture is a developing sector in countries in Asia. Large number of warehouses in the region utilize fumigants for the purpose of pest control.

Europe is projected to follow Asia Pacific in terms of demand. There has been a rise in the growth rate of various cereals and grains in the European countries. These cereals and grains are the major sources of application for fumigants. Various countries in Europe are focusing on sustainable farming, which requires regular fumigation.

Demand for high quality crops is projected to boost the demand for fumigation in North America during the forecast period. Middle East & Africa and Latin America are likely to witness growth in the demand for fumigation in the near future. The practice of agriculture is increasing in Mexico and Brazil. This is anticipated to be a key reason for the development of the fumigation market in Latin America.

Fumigation Market: Key Players

Major players operating in the fumigation market include Rentokil Initial plc, Fumigation Service & Supply, Inc., Western Fumigation, Industrial Fumigant Company LLC, Cytec Industries Inc., and Anticimex International.


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